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Saratoga Lake 2014 Treatment Updates

Update July 18th 2014 – Received confirmation from DEC. All water restrictions have been lifted for the south end treatment area.  All signs will be removed first thing Monday morning.

No new treatments are planned for the south end for this year.

Update June 14th 2014  – The DEC has issued SLPID the 2014 Permit #5-4199-00002/00014 for the South End of the Lake Water Treatment. The Treatment Date will be Wednesday June 18th, 2014. Water restriction are as follows: no swim or bathe in the lake for 24 hours after treatment and Do not use the water for drinking or watering flowers, gardens of crops until the posted yellow signs are removed. The posted area will be from the top of Riley Cove Rd south to Browns Beach area. SLPID will be sampling the treatment areas, we estimate that all restrictions will be lifted within two weeks. Please continue to check this website for updates or call Joe Finn, SLPID commissioner with any questions 378 6679.

Update May 30, 2014 – The 2014 treatment area was surveyed June 29th, this survey is required to make final adjustments and recommendations for the planned treatment. These final adjustment and recommendation were sent to DEC for their final approval. Once SLPID recieves DEC approval we will be able to set a treatment date. Our tenative requested treatment date to the DEC is June 11, 2014.  this website posting will be updated once the final date is set.

Update:  Saratoga Lake 2014 treatment is scheduled for the last part of May this year. Continue to check to link for updates on the actual treatment date, status and water restriction.