Saratoga Lake levels are controlled by a privately owned dam on Fish Creek. SLPID and the owners of the Dam have an agreement on maintaining the lake level within Saratoga Lake.

Many factors are involved with the delicate operation of the dam and controlling water levels. The dam operation is not only for Saratoga Lake but other communities downstream.

Saratoga Lake has a vast watershed of 244 square miles entering the lake. Beyond recreation, downstream community safety is an issue with flooding, which may sometimes factor in maintaining a higher or a lower lake level to protect other communities. Water quality, lake access, and weed control are also considered. Lake levels are adjusted to protect wildlife and help control aquatic weed growth along the shoreline.

One inch of rain can raise the lake level by three inches, making the water level challenging to control for the dam operator.

With climate changes occurring, bringing more intense weather conditions such as superstorms and drought periods, consistent water levels can be even more challenging to maintain.

The ideal summer water level is 203.1 – 203.7. There is no winter water level to be maintained. From November – April, water levels are weather dependent. At the end of October, the dam will be opened, and you will begin to see the water level drop.

Please take all of this into consideration when thinking of the lake level. If you have questions regarding the Saratoga Lake level or its operation, please call SLPID at 518-223-3252.

Current Lake Levels from USGS – May 2023 – for real time levels  Click Here

Yearly Summary Water Level, Saratoga Lake 2022 from USGS

Yearly Summary Water Level, Saratoga Lake 2021 from USGS

Yearly Summary Water Level, Saratoga Lake 2020 from USGS

Yearly Summary Water Level, Saratoga Lake 2019 from USGS

Water Level, Saratoga Lake 2004 in MS Excel Format